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Vacuum cleaners

Maximum performance for a better clean

Vacuum Cleaners with Bag


Philips vacuum cleaners with bag deliver the best cleaning performance without exposing you to dust when emptying. The vacuum cleaners with bag offer three levels of filtration and they are designed for easy and hygienic disposal of the dust and dirt, all captured inside of the bag.

  • AirflowMax technology delivers maximum
    suction power even as the bag fills up.
  • TriActive nozzles apply the suction power
    close to your floors for best cleaning results.
  • HEPA13 & ECARF offers a significant
    improvement in quality of life for people
    with allergies.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners


Philips bagless vacuum cleaners stand for exceptional cleaning performance. Latest innovation in PowerCyclone Technology, TriActive nozzles, and dust disposal ensure the ultimate cleaning result.

  • PowerCyclone technology ensures
    exceptional dust and air separation.
  • TriActive nozzles enable excellent
    performance on all floors.
  • Dust management systems are specially
    developed for easy dust disposal.

Wet Cleaning


People want clean homes. It’s as simple as that. For themselves, their families, their guests.
By considering you and your surroundings, we invent high-performing tools that help you get a better  clean so you can be confident that your house is a welcome home.

  • Complete clean with the power of water
  • Water based cleaning; visible results for all
    hard floors
  • Steam cleaning for hygienically results

Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


Best cleaning result on floors and surfaces. It’s all about convenience!


  • Cordless operation for freedom to clean everywhere
  • Superior cleaning results
  • Easy to clean

Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Cleans under furniture where others can't reach. Philips EasyStar is the robot vacuum cleaner that cleans your floors. Cleans all by its self. With its slim design it reaches under low furniture and its long side brushes clean where dust accumulates.


  • Cleans where others can't reach
  • Cleans where dust accumulates
  • Captures dirt and dust
  • Moves by itself avoiding stairs and edges
  • Easy to use


Original Philips accessories ensure you always get the maximum performance from your device.

  • s-bags® – fit ALL Philips vacuum cleaners
    with bag
  • Accessory kits – get all the replacement parts
    you need in one go
  • Filters – replace regularly to ensure sustained



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All Philips vacuum cleaners come with 2-year world-wide warranty. The warranty terms might vary per product: please check the user manual or the packaging inserts for warranty terms for your product.

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