MR 7700

Designed for unmatched 3.0T performance and precision.

Multi Nuclei MR

Explore new clinical pathways with a fully integrated multi-nuclei imaging and spectroscopy solution.

Spectral CT 7500

The confidence of 100% spectral CT.

Incisive CT* 

CT that supports your mobile imaging/screening initiatives.

Ultrasound Liver Fat Quantification

Bring the advantages of ultrasound to early-stage liver disease.

MR 5300

Transform 1.5T MR productivity with AI1-driven technologies. Quickly. Easily. Confidently. 


An AI powered MR software for fast and high quality imaging with 97% applicability. Scan up to 3 times faster with no compromise in image quality.

MR Workspace

Our industry-unique control room engine that delivers quality and efficiency without compromise.

Integrated diagnostic informatics

Advancing digital health transformation for the patient journey.

Radiology Smart Assistant**

Improve the accuracy of chest X-ray acquisition.

Collaboration Live

Real-time remote diagnosis and guidance.

Radiology Operations Command Center

Seamlessly connect imaging experts at a command center with technologists at scan locations across your organization.

Radiography 7000 C – DigitalDiagnost C90 

Comfortably see more patients per day with innovative tools to help drive workflow efficiency in digital radiography.

IntelliSpace Portal

Advanced visualization and analysis solution with one seamless, connected workflow across clinical domains and modalities.

Multidisciplinary Team Orchestrator

Virtual tumor board solution streamlines preparation, enhances review and analysis, and empowers the cancer care team with rich data for clinical treatment decisions.


A real-time data platform to help hospital departments improve productivity and reduce costs, building a program for continuous improvement.

Interactive multimedia reporting

Slash report turnaround time from days to hours, creating a more content-rich report without additional workload.

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