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Healthcare hits reset


Priorities shift as healthcare leaders ​ navigate a changed world​ ​

Emerging from the pandemic and looking to the future, healthcare leaders in Germany are prioritizing three key challenges for 2022 and beyond

The 2022 report paints a picture of a sector that is radically re-evaluating priorities as it strives to deliver improved patient care.

Staff satisfaction and retention

As German healthcare leaders reassess their needs, staff are their top priority


While Germany has faced a shortage of medical staff for some time, the issue has worsened during the pandemic. As healthcare leaders work to fill these vacancies, they cite staff satisfaction and retention as their top priority. Additionally, nearly one-third are striving to lead the way in healthcare innovation, including research and development.

Top priorities of German healthcare leaders today:

Staff satisfaction retention graph

Barriers to effective data use*

Healthcare data graph

*Respondents surveyed selected up to three top barriers to effective data use

Healthcare data

Confident in the power of data, Germany tries to overcome barriers to unlock its full potential


While nearly two-thirds of German healthcare leaders trust in data and its application through innovative technologies like predictive analytics and AI, three main challenges to fully utilizing it remain: a lack of interoperability, lack of expertise among staff, and regulatory or infrastructure limitations.

Barriers to effective data use*

Healthcare data graph

*Respondents surveyed selected up to three top barriers to effective data use


German leaders seek collaborations with industry organizations and health technology companies to fuel innovation


37% of German healthcare leaders would welcome a partnership with a health technology company. They believe this would provide access to resources and services to help accelerate both the adoption processes and implementation of new technology (32%).

Industry and trade organizations were the top partner of preference for German leaders, while other hospitals were less prominent:

Partnerships graph
Emerging from a crisis that changed the way we view healthcare, German healthcare leaders are shifting their priorities and taking steps toward a digital and more sustainable future, supported by initiatives like the KHZG.

- Dr. Uwe Heckert, Market Leader Philips DACH

The report identifies three main areas of focus for German leaders as they look to the future of healthcare

Improving the staff experience

Improve the staff experience

Predictive analytics and AI

Bridge the gap between the current usage of data and the promise of predictive analytics

Driving innovation through collaborations and partnerships

Drive innovation through collaborations and partnerships

Download the Germany report

Download the Germany report

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