EasyDiagnost Digital Radiography/Fluoroscopy system

EasyDiagnost Eleva DRF

Digital Radiography/Fluoroscopy system

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EasyDiagnost Eleva offers DRF room solutions which combine new levels of versatility, utilization, and workflow efficiency. The rooms bring together classic fluoroscopy, Philips DRF benefits, and exciting advances in digital radiography.

The Eleva Concept || Effizienter Arbeitsablauf

The Eleva Concept for convenient workflow

To provide a more convenient and efficient workflow, all our digital radiography systems benefit from the Eleva concept. The intuitive user interface is identical across modalities, making it easy to find your way. Automated, pre-programmed one-touch workflow gives fast results and consistent image quality. And of course it comes with state-of-the art IT and security standards. Simple to operate and easy to learn.
Classic fluoroscopy room || Specialized room setup

Classic fluoroscopy room for a high fluoroscopy load

The EasyDiagnost Eleva classic fluoroscopy room is the right choice if your facility has a high load of fluoroscopy applications. It offers high load fluoroscopy with powerful penetration, superb dose management and intuitive workflow.
UNIQUE image processing || Herausragende Bildqualität

UNIQUE image processing for superb image quality

UNified Image QUality Enhancement (UNIQUE) is a multi-resolution image processing technology for all Philips computed radiography and digital radiography systems. This exclusive technology automatically delivers digital X-ray images of uniformly high standard by enhancing areas of varying density and contrast. UNIQUE image display can be set to your individual preference.
Wireless portable detector || Effizienter Arbeitsablauf

Wireless portable detector increases workflow flexibility

Share a wireless portable detector between the different Philips DR and DRF units for exceptional workflow flexibility. Your exam routine drives the way you share. It reduces your initial investment while assuring a high level of flexibility. You benefit from a back-up solution that provides continuous uptime. It's a smart starting point for upgrades, like adding more detectors in your department in the future.
Classic RF room || Specialized room setup

Classic RF room enhances cost efficiency

The EasyDiagnost Eleva classic RF room can create cost-efficient utilization advantages. It provides high image quality, superb dose management, fluoroscopy, and table and chest radiography.
Computed Radiography cassettes || Effizienter Arbeitsablauf

Computed Radiography cassettes provide exam flexibility

Philips computed radiography (PCR) can be used as an alternative to the wireless portable detector. The different CR cassette sizes are ideal for exams such as smaller limbs in pediatrics or certain trauma applications. Combine the CR and DR images into one single exam for consistency and efficiency.
DRF value room || Specialized room setup

DRF value room for broad clinical versatility

The EasyDiagnost Eleva DRF value room covers classic fluoroscopy and utilizes one wireless portable detector to carry out all digital radiography applications. An attractively priced room which provides all the advantages of digital radiography.
Ambient Experience || Effizienter Arbeitsablauf

Ambient Experience for a patient-friendly atmosphere

Help your patients relax with Ambient Experience's soothing lights and sound, and thematic wall projections. This way, visiting and working in one of our radiography rooms may be more pleasant.
DRF high performance room || Specialized room setup

DRF high performance room to increase utilization

The EasyDiagnost Eleva high performance room contains full fluoroscopy capability and extended digital radiography. This is made possible thanks to one fixed digital detector and one wireless portable detector.
Tube tracking || Effizienter Arbeitsablauf

Tube tracking saves time

To help reduce retakes and provide high image quality, it is essential to maintain the exact source to image distance (SID). This tracking feature helps you save time and costs. Tube tracking at the table allows the SID to remain constant while table height is being adjusted. Tube tracking at the vertical stand allows the tube to follow the position of the detector.
DRF high performance bariatrics room || Specialized room setup

DRF high performance bariatrics room for all patient types

With two fixed 17" x 17" (43 cm x 43) cm digital detectors, the EasyDiagnost Eleva high performance bariatrics room is aptly equipped to perform digital radiographic procedures on virtually all patient types. You can also carry out fluoroscopic exams on a diverse range of body sizes.
Automatic image stitching || Effizienter Arbeitsablauf

Automatic image stitching for effortless orthopedic exams

Complete horizontal orthopedic exams become easy with automatic stitching. Up to three images are automatically acquired and composed together, and the X-ray dose is managed for every single image.